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About Us

Elementex Story
Be one with the elements.

Here at Elementex, we are all about the Experience – truly losing oneself in nature and being one with the elements. When you are hiking through lush green forests, conquering frosty alpine peaks, or kayaking down roaring rapid rivers, you need gear that is built tough to take on any trail or unchartered terrain, and able to withstand all kinds of weather, fair or fickle.

To maximize your experiences and to help you create the most memorable adventures, Elementex delivers Excellence: High-performance clothing, gear and accessories that are made to tackle every excursion, camping trip, recreational sport, or any outdoor activity in your active lifestyle. Elementex is as enthusiastic as you are about being outdoors, so we fuel that energy into every product we make, but we don’t stop there. The Elementex Team strives to exceed your expectations by providing not only safe and reliable gear, but also exceptional customer service and care. This philosophy is what keeps us rooted, as well as dedicated to providing you with affordable high-quality gear that will be there for you every step of the way. No matter where the road takes you. Escape into nature and truly immerse yourself in the great outdoors with Elementex at your side. With Elementex, you’re ready to go.